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Summer 2010 Issue

Catalyst Summer 2010 issue:

Summer ISSUE 2010.doc

Walker's Historical Jewel

(From Issue 10 Spring 2009 Catalyst)


Yes, Walker does have a historical jewel.  To many, this has been a hidden jewel, and to others itís just not in plain sight.  Where is this jewel?  Well itís the Walker Historical Grounds, located on Grant Street, near the City Park and Fire Station. 


In the late 1970ís the Walker Historical Society was organized and incorporated in 1981.  The Historical Societyís objective of preserving the history of Walker and the surrounding community is well represented in on the Historical Grounds.


The Rock Island Railroad Depot was the initial building at the site which displayed railroad memorabilia and the lifestyle of the railway depot agent and his family in the 1900ís.  There are now three additional buildings and a Rock Island caboose onsite.


What will you see if you visit the Historical grounds this summer?  Thereís of course the depot which still displays life of the agent and his family during the early days of Walker.  Youíll also see how the depot operated on a day to day basis.  The depot also has a display of memorabilia and customer appreciation gifts during the 1940ís, 50ís and 60ís from Walker merchants.  Look for the old Walker telephone switchboard used before the ďmodernĒ dial phone system came to Walker in the 1960ís.


Thereís a one room schoolhouse that was moved to the site in the mid 1990ís.  The Sardinia Schoolhouse was moved to the historical grounds from the rural area northwest of Walker to save it from demolition.  The schoolhouse displays authentic books, teaching aids, and historical items from the old Walker school system.  One of the newest displays is the graduating pictures from the early 1900ís through 1967, when the Walker School became part of the North Linn District.


If you go into the newly constructed fire station building onsite, you will see the first motorized fire truck the City of Walker owned.  The fire truck, a 1924 Laverne, has been restored and is displayed in the building with future plans to display more fire department memorabilia.


Plans for the future include the use of the two other structures on the site for displays, the Rock Island Caboose and the coal shed.


So see the jewel of Walker, visit the Walker Historical Site.  Tours are available for groups.  The site is open to the public during Walker Pickle Days.


Support the Ballpark, Buy a Sign!

     Advertising signs are once again available for purchase at the ballpark's outfield fence.  These signs are sold by Walker Betterment Club to raise funds to pay the city light fee as well as fund much needed ball park improvements.  If you'd like to purchase a sign or get more information, call Grant Westemeier @ 319-551-2508.  Thanks to all the great sponsors who supported us in 2009 AND 2010!

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